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Thanks for visiting, this is your gateway to The Baseball Site – a place where the spirit of our National Pastime thrives. My name is Bill, and I’m here to kindle your passion for baseball through insightful articles and captivating pictures that highlight the rich legacy of this beloved sport. Since you’ve made your way to whatisbaseball.com, I guess it’s safe to say you share my enthusiasm for the crack of the bat, the precision of a well-executed pitch, and the history that has shaped the game we adore today.

I started this website not just to share content about baseball, but to create a community where fans like you can dive deep into the essence of the sport. It’s about reliving those nail-biting moments, learning about baseball legends, and even discovering the strategies that turn a team from underdogs to World Series champions.

Now, before we step onto the field and explore all that The Baseball Site has to offer, let me share a bit about the journey that brought me here and how a remote Pacific island played an unexpected role in fueling my love for the game. It’s a story I think you’ll find quite fascinating, and it’s just the beginning of the deep connection we’re going to establish with the game and with each other right here on SportSoul.

Now let’s get a bit more personal. I spent over 30 years working for a Department of Defense contractor, which sounds pretty down-to-earth, but add a remote Pacific island into the mix and you’re in for quite a story. My office was the wide expanse of Wake Island, a speck in the ocean, if you will, far away from the humdrum of city life.

You might be wondering how someone keeps themselves busy in such a secluded spot. After all, no modern distractions like streaming TV, buzzes from the radio, or the rustle of current newspapers. Well, in those days, the ’70s and ’80s, the early tech adopters found solace in the emerging world of computers.

With the computer revolution, games grew more complex and engaging, and sports titles were my personal escape. Baseball has always been my love, and these burgeoning titles allowed me to dive deep into managing teams, dissecting strategies, and reveling in the sport’s rich history. It wasn’t the flashy graphics or the intense action but rather the intellectual challenge of putting together winning rosters and plays that captivated me.

My intent with whatisbaseball.com is to provide a platform where visitors, maybe just like you, can indulge in this passion. Not only can you learn about and appreciate the great players and teams from the past, but you can also stay updated on today’s game. I’m aiming to make this more than just a site; it’s a tribute to the game and a beacon for fans who share this love for baseball.

Join the Conversation: Memories, Strategies, and Legacies

I’ve always believed that each crack of the bat and each strategic decision on the field weaves a story that resonates beyond the game itself. That’s why I’ve dedicated a section of The Baseball Site just for you to share your thoughts, reflect on the greats, and discuss the intricacies of the sport we love.

You’re going to find out about the opportunity to engage with fellow enthusiasts right here on this platform. Whether you’re recalling a legendary game, debating the best lineups, or simply sharing what baseball means to you, I welcome your insight.

If you want to start a conversation or if you’ve got questions, leave a comment on the articles. It’s through these discussions that we keep the spirit and memories of baseball alive. And if you’re more into one-on-one communication, feel free to drop me an email at wakeiflbill@msn.com—I’m all ears.

Choose something that resonates with you, whether it’s the strategic nuance of historical matchups or the raw emotion of a well-played series. This isn’t just about revisiting baseball’s rich history; it’s also about creating new memories together.

I really hope that The Baseball Site becomes a place of connection for all of us. So, here’s to sharing stories, celebrating our heroes past and present, and maybe even discovering a few new ones along the way. This is about more than just stats and records; it’s about passion, dedication, and the enduring soul of the sport. Welcome to the community—we’re glad you’re here.

The History of Baseball

The History of Baseball

The History of Baseball extends into several countries. The first reference to a bat-and-ball game was found in a book by British author John Newberry called “A Pretty Little Pocket Book” in 1744.

It was also recorded that the Prince of Wales participated in a “baseball” game in Surrey England in 1749. Baseball didn’t catch in England as much a “Cricket” in later years did.

It did appear that some English immigrants took the game to Canada In the early 1830s a recognizable form of baseball was being played in various parts of North America.

The first official contest in the United States took place in Hoboken, New Jersey. The contests were with “The New York Nine vs the Knickerbockers” the New York Nine prevailed 23-1 in 4 innings.

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Advanced Baseball Rules and Strategy

We have discussed the basic baseball rules and strategy in whatisbaseball.com We will go into some more advanced baseball rules and strategy. Please bear in mind that these rules and strategy are for the professional and high amateur level of baseball. The more informal games may use only some rules or modify them to suit the level and age of play.

To quickly review the object of the game. Which is to hit a ball, thrown by a pitcher, with a bat and run (counter-clockwise) to four bases which then produces a “run”.

To produce a run, a player must touch each base (first base, second base, third base, and home base)after he hits the ball into “fair territory”.   The team with the most runs at the end of the game is the winner. The team “in the field” or on defense will try to prevent the batter from doing this.

We left off in the basic rules and strategy article with what happens when a game is tied at the end of 9 innings. The answer is the game goes into “extra innings” until enough runs by either team give’s them the victory.

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What is Baseball?


What is Baseball? It is more than a game, it is the National Pastime of most of the world.

It is played with 9 players on a team. The object of the game is to hit a ball, thrown by a pitcher,  with a bat and run (counter-clockwise) to four bases which then produces a “run”.

To produce a run, a player must touch each base (first base, second base, third base, and home base)after he hits the ball into “fair territory The team with the most runs at the end of the game is the winner.  The team “in the field” or on defense will try to prevent the batter from doing this.

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