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Hello Baseball Fans

Thanks for visiting The Baseball Site. My name is Bill. I intend to provide you with articles and pictures of our heritage The National Pastime

First, let me tell you about myself.  I worked for a Department of Defense contractor in the aviation field on Wake Island. for over 30 years.    Wake is a remote island in the Pacific Ocean    Not a lot to do on a remote island,  very limited  TV and no radio broadcasts unless you have very expensive (at the time) short-wave radio equipment which I didn’t have—no current newspapers or magazines.

So how do you keep yourself occupied during non-working hours?   Back then in the 1970ss and’80ss computers were in their infant stage.  Atari was king, especially in computer games which were ok in a limited way as those early games lacked a very strong AI so after you played the game once or twice it was not very challenging.

But as computers developed, games became more sophisticated, especially in the sports games venue.  I always had a passion for baseball from my youth.  I would pass my time off with our national pastime on computer baseball games.

I like the strategy games rather than the “shooter” or doing the batting, pitching, and running.  Putting together a great lineup of my favorite team or any team is to me was exciting and challenging.  Learning about past players and teams is also very exciting.  This is what this site is about., looking at the players and teams of the past and today.

I hope this site will be informative and bring back pleasant memories of the past.

Please leave comments or questions on any of the articles on this site where directed.

You may also  e-mail me at wakeiflbill@msn.com

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