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This is a Product Review of Diamond Mind Baseball

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What is DMB About

I have had DMB for about 15 years so I am happy to tell you about it.  This is a “text baseball game” not a “shooter”.  What do I mean by a “shooter”?  Maybe the word “arcade” game is more descriptive.  There are no animation of pitchers firing fastballs and no animation of batters belting home runs and stealing bases, etc.

This is a pure text only.  What then does it do to show what is happening.  There is a text box where the play by play is shown.  An example might be “The count is 1 and 2 and Jones fires a  fastball a little low for ball 2.  The count is 2-2 and here comes the pitch, Base Ruth drives deep to right field where Al Kaline is near the fence and looks up and it’s GONE. The Babe hit his tenth home run of this early season”  This is just a sample of how the game is played.  I haven’t even touched the “tip of the iceberg” yet.

No arcade baseball game where players are batting, pitching and running the bases can begin to touch the depth of DMB and the nice thing is that you are in charge of what your team or teams or league can do.

Many games let you “manage” one team or possibly two.  But with DMB, you can manage just one or every team in the league you have selected.  You can go into as much depth in the game as you want to.

If you know only the very basics of baseball (what is baseball?) you can start by playing just the basic game and let the computer make most of the decisions.  If you are a veteran fan ( )or even a baseball player you can do everything from managing both teams during a game, making trades even changing the statics a player has for that season.

This is one of the most versatile baseball games ever made.  Let us have Diamond Mind Baseball tell you more about their product:

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The History of Baseball

The History of Baseball

The History of Baseball extends into several countries. The first reference to a bat-and-ball game was found in a book by British author John Newberry called “A Pretty Little Pocket Book” in 1744.

It was also recorded that the Prince of Wales participated in a “baseball” game in Surrey England in 1749. Baseball didn’t catch in England as much a “Cricket” in later years did.

It did appear that some English immigrants took the game to Canada In the early 1830s a recognizable form of baseball was being played in various parts of North America.

The first official contest in the United States took place in Hoboken, New Jersey. The contests were with “The New York Nine vs the Knickerbockers” the New York Nine prevailed 23-1 in 4 innings.

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